Top 5 Australian Films of 2012

As 2012 comes to an end is it important to take a look at some of the best films to be released in Australia over the year. As much as there have been some disappointing movies being released, 2012 can be said to have been a great year as regards Australian movies. All the movies as reviewed here are all different in their own ways as well as go a long way in bringing out Australia’s best budding talents. This is a list that makes up Australia’s top 5 movies for 2012. From this list it is obvious that AACTA nominees’ voters had the best movies in mind.

5. The Sapphires

It is all understandable that following the publicity campaign about the premier of this movie at the past Canes Film Festival that people came in large numbers to watch The Sapphire. It even went as far as making it as among the hits of the year on the Box Office. The film brings out a lot of energy and is definitely fun to watch as it bring about a number of stage performances that are lively as well as some soul beats that are catchy. Viewers of this film recognize this movie for its effort to bring about an underdog story that is quite charming and even goes as far as producing laughs at various points as well as charm the audience with renditions of favorite soul tunes. This is despite the fact that the film comes with a pacing that is uneven and also has an oversimplification of a number of issues considered national including the struggle in Vietnam.

4. Not Suitable For Children

This is a comedy that is romantic and focuses on Jonah as played by Ryan Kwanten, a young man who makes sure that he is a father before infertility catches up with him after he discovers he has testicular cancer. On screen are also Sarah Snook and Ryan Corr and has been directed by Peter Templeman who was once an Oscar nominee in 2007 for The Saviour which is a short film.

3. Hail

This is a movie that tells the story of a man who is broken and does not have any self control. Instead he is lives in his violent as well as criminal past with no hope of changing. A tragedy makes him loose his mind as he believes that he has nothing to live for and starts on a path of self-destruction. The story is based on Daniel P. Jones who plays himself in the movie.

2. Wish You Were Here

Directed by Kieran Darcy-Smith, this movie is based on an Australian drama that is very engaging, conceived cleverly and is also relevant. The script has been written by the director and his wife Felicity Price who is also a star in the movie. The setting of this movie is in Cambodia and Sydney. Also in the movie is Joel Edgerton playing the role of Dave.

1. Lore

This is a story of siblings born in Germany during the Nazi reign who have to travel across the country in search of their grandmother after their parents are sent tom prison. This movie has been directed by Cate Shortland from Australia.


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