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First off, I really like the color scheme of the website. I can tell the main colors are black and orange, but they don’t dominate the website; I can see other colors as well. Upon first looking at the home page, I feel like there is a lot of “stuff.” The news could all be condensed into one tab instead of three tabs. Also, on the front page, there is a lot of blinking, moving things that are distracting.

I think the ad placement and the number of ads is good, but the actually ads are just really “noisy.” I think the ad in the upper right hand corner about not racing on the street is a good ad, but it is mildly disturbing. It would be good to have that video corner on a loop so a client doesn’t have to watch the same gruesome thing over and over again

I like the schedule of events. I think it is in a good place on top of the website. It is probably a tool that comes in handy to a lot of people looking at the website. On the other hand, I don’t like the way the event calendar is set up. I think that a classic calendar that shows you the days of the week would work better. The first thing I would have to do after looking at this event calendar would be pull up another calendar to find out what day the event actually was. Also, it doesn’t have any times on it. That seems like something that could be helpful.
I really like all the pictures and videos that are available to look at. For an avid fan that isn’t able to attend an actual event, pictures and videos are the next best thing.
One thing I didn’t like was on every page, including the home page, there is a lot of white space. It kind of makes the whole page feel like it is unfinished.

One tool that I think would be a good add on to the page is a search bar. It would be nice if a person was able to search their favorite driver and find out when he or she would be racing, statistics about their past races, and any news that was important to that driver. Another thing that I think people would use would be a forum where fans could talk about the events that happened and what they thought about upcoming events. I think that would fit well under the community tab.

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