What to Do on Vacation in Australia

Because Australia is a Westernized country in which English is spoken, many people do not think of it as the exotic vacation destination that it is. For one, its reversed seasons (it is summer there when it is winter in the United States) makes it an attractive option for those who enjoy visiting warm places when it is cold at home.

For those who would like a traditional summer vacation, Australia is home to many beautiful beaches, both public and as extensions of private resorts. Many young tourists dream of taking long backpacking treks across natural landscapes, and while European countries are often the chosen settings of such excursions, Australia is emerging as a popular location for long term and inexpensive outdoor adventuring. There are many natural wonders in Australia that must be seen to be believed. The Great Barrier Reef is perhaps Australia’s most famous natural wonder. Experienced and amateur scuba divers will enjoy diving to swim along the reef. Australia is a world renowned surfing hot spot because of its beautiful beaches, warm summers and extreme tides. Surfers who want to test their true talents should visit Australia and surf alongside the world-class surfers who call Australia home.

The Blue Mountains in Sydney are a popular site for hiking and camping. An Australian vacation can be made longer by spending less money on food and accommodations; camping or acquiring a campervan hire in order to provide some shelter on expanses of natural land can extend a vacation by days or even whole weeks. Campervan hire Perth in particular will place travelers in equal proximity to urban entertainment and natural relaxation.

The Sydney Opera House is an iconic architectural structure, and it is a common subject of tourist photos on par with the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben. Animals such as koalas and kangaroos that are native to Australia must also be seen in person. Foods like vegemite can be sampled, even if they are not always palatable to American tastes. Perhaps most importantly, tourists should interact with locals in order to get a true impression of the culture.


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