Asia Diving Vacation – Plan Your Dream Holiday

Asia Diving Vacation (ADV) has been helping divers find the best dive spots in Asia since 2005. You can explore the beautiful waters around the Coral Triangle which holds about 75% of the ocean’s marine species, which makes it an ideal diving locations. These rich waters provide the perfect environment for fish to thrive in. That’s why the Coral Triangle is home to 3,000 different species of marine life including 600 beautiful reef-building corals. This professional travel agency wants you to experience everything that the Coral Triangle, as they believe it is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature.

Clients can choose from ten different dive resorts around the Coral Triangle in Malaysia. The resorts can introduce divers to five different dive locations. The resort packages are good for a five-day four-night stay. However, travellers are free to choose from other packages, depending on their needs. They provide useful information on the location, facilities, amenities and services of each resort. Travellers can choose from resorts according to their rates, ratings and location. When planning a diving vacation in Asia, you don’t need to look anywhere else. Getting one of these packages can help you book a hassle-free and stress-free holiday.


The people at Asia Diving Vacation don’t just stop at booking you a resort package. They also offer very useful information on the best diving spots around Malaysia and the Coral Triangle. You can choose to dive near islands within the borders of Indonesia and Borneo during your stay. You can find information on the top ten best diving locations near the resort of your choice. Asia Diving Vacation provides wonderful photographs of the many islands around the Coral Triangle. They also let travellers know what kind of marine life each island has to offer. This means that you can choose dive locations depending on what sort of sea creatures you want to see.


Asia Diving Vacation is confident in arranging a hassle-free dive vacation for all types of divers, from beginners to professionals. As compared to other agents, they strive to provide accurate and useful information for their clients. ADV is up-front about their fees and charges, the agents will also let you know if you might have to pay extra for things like shuttle fees or food expenses when you arrive at your resort. They don’t stop at arranging your holiday, the people behind ADV will make sure that you have the best experience. ADV is owned an operated by a licensed tour operator who is registered under the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.


The professional team at Asia Diving Vacation are all dive enthusiasts who aim to share their love and passion for the ocean with the whole world. The friendly staff at ADV will go the extra mile and will even remember your name. They have all visited each of the dive resorts and locations, therefore the information on their website and brochures are all very accurate and up to date. For the convenience of travellers who want to book a diving vacation, they publish special packages, promos and other discounts on their social media pages. In the words of their chief of operations “Let’s Go Diving!”