Outdoor BBQ Covers

One of the most important items in the home of a self respected Aussie is a barbecue grill! The external structure of a number of barbecue grills is made of porcelain-coated, stainless or tempered steel. These grill materials are very strong but may begin to wear and rust over time if not covered appropriately. Whether you opt for a stylish homemade cover or a commercially available grill cover bought from a hardware store, these covers offer superior protection to keep the barbecue in good working condition and rust free for several years.

Advantages of fitted covers

Many one-size-fits-all (universal) grill covers are available on the market. These covers, which can be found in most hardware stores, are often made of heavy nylon or canvas and protect outdoor grills from rust. On the other hand, most grill makers, such as Char-Griller and Weber, manufacture custom-fitted grill covers that correspond to the structure of specific models. Such fitted grill covers often allow gust to pass beneath or over the top of the grill, which makes it quite hard for strong winds to sweep them away. If you want to attain good results, buy a fitted grill cover.

However, if you have to buy a universal cover, then measure the size of the grill before going to the store and choose a grill cover that’s neither much smaller nor larger than your BBQ. The cover should be a couple of inches wider or longer than your grill to reduce wind resistance and maintain a considerably close fit. In other words, baggy covers often get blown away by the wind.

Securing the cover

If you have bought a cover that loosely fits on the grill, you could weigh the cover down when the grill is not in use. You can achieve this by placing decorative bricks or patio rocks on top of the cover as well as on the flat parts of the grill, like fireboxes or side burners, to prevent the covers from getting blown away by the wind. On the other hand, you can also use a grommet gun for installation of sewing metal grommets or metal rings every 10 inches along the bottom part of the cover to provide reinforcement for the material. After that, you can add small weights, half-gallon jugs packed with sand or sandbags on top of the cover so that it can not blow away. Tie the weights or jugs to the grommets using heavy string or bailing twine.

Choosing the grill cover material

Materials play a very important role in determining the longevity of all BBQ covers depending on how it withstands destructive elements and shields the grill. Opt for a grill cover made from heavy waterproof nylon or canvas. Thin nylon covers tend to wear and crack after a few years due battering and freezing winds in areas with harsher climatic conditions. But the canvas covers stand out as the most durable ones.

When to use the grill covers

To cover charcoal barbecue grills, wait till the charcoal completely burns to ash and metal grill panels cool before placing the cover on the grill. This is because hot grills can melt the protective barbecue covers.