What you should know about winter tires

In winter driving conditions are much heavier so the winter tires are recommended. In many countries it is mandatory, since many accidents may occur.

The importance of winter tires is often underestimated. In the winter months, these bands the advantage that you have a much better handling, shorter braking distances and a better grip on the road. Many countries are already mandatory winter tires. Given the risk of regular tires in wintry conditions, such a measure is hard to imagine. The winters seem to be increasingly stringent, so these tires a good investment. It makes driving a year or dearer, but also safer.

Why not always winter tyre under the car?
The tires include soft rubber, that will be hard in cold weather. In very hot weather, combined with a long drive, spend the extra winter tires. The tires are soft and this will shorten the life of the tire. In addition, you risk that the tires on the road go up to the heat generated.

Can I change my own tires?
Changing a tire of a car is not like changing a bicycle tire. You need to have the right equipment. By incorrect change of the tires can damage them with all its consequences.

Can I use winter tyre again for my next car?
That depends entirely on the size of the band. If you are buying the same type of car again, that does not mean that underneath are the same tires. A major advantage of winter is that you can sell them easily through marketplace. People are trying to save and to buy good tires for a low price.

Changed tires to mark
When replacing the tires it is wise to mark the tires. Pressing the bands take to the wheel they need, you can prevent the tires to come back on the wrong way. It may occur that there is a difference between the different bands so the car is more balanced after changing the tires.

So if you decide to invest in your safety this winter, Michelin Tyres are good choice between reasonable price and great quality.


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